A new opportunity of academic and work training for

those who wish to enroll at a Master Program





LM+ Where?
At the University of Pavia, in Pavia, ITALY.

When LM+ is going to start?
From the academic year 2016/17.

Who is LM+ target?
Students planning to enroll at the first year of a Master Program.

What is LM+?
This new proposal for Master Programs is called “Plus” as its learning track focuses on the student being an active player in the job life, working in one of the projects partners, companies/industries and organizations.

Why LM+?
LM+ aims to answer to a challenge coming from the contemporary world: creating a learning activity that mixes, at a very high education level, the knowledge available in academia and the one coming from industries and organizations in the job market of the economic world.

What is the difference between the learning activity offered by a LM+ company partner and an internship?
The LM+ idea is completely different from a Master Degree Program which reckon on an internship or a stage as part of its study plan. In the LM+, the working activity developed by the student is a part of an academic path focused on providing specific and related professional competences. The partner firms and organizations do not just host the student but they commit to a program focused on learning goals in a continuous exchange and interaction with the University of Pavia. To this end, formal and informal meeting will be proposed so students can discover the firms and organizations and their activities.

How does LM+ work?
During the chosen Master Program, the student will be enrolled for 5 semesters, instead of the standard 4, 2 of them spent as a learning experience in a firm or organization (which can also plan some time abroad).

Will any financial aid be granted to students taking part in the LM+?
Beside attending a learning path that mixes the purely academic studies with the job experience in real world during the university career, the student, during the semesters spent in the company or organization, will get a basic salary of more than 500 euro per month ( the exact amount will depend on the chosen company or organization)

Which Master Programs are involved in LM+?
For academic year 2017/218 the following Master Programs are involved:

  • Biotecnologie Avanzate (taught in Italian)
  • Chimica (taught in Italian)
  • Electronic Engineering (taught in English)
  • Filosofia (taught in Italian)
  • International Business and Entrepreneurship (taught in English)
  • Scienze fisiche
  • Matematica

How many students can access LM+ for each of the five Master Programs involved?
The first year of the project will involve from 5 to 10 students for every Master Program. In the following years this number will increase from a minimum of 10 students to a maximum of 20 students, depending also on the partner firms and organizations.

How a student can apply to LM+?
Going through a selective process during which a commission, composed of teachers of the University of Pavia, will evaluate not only students’ curriculum but also his/her personal disposition (motivation, capacity to adapt, etc.) Candidates may also be asked to sit for an interview with the project partner organizations.

Once admitted to LM+, how students choose the company?
University will publish a call for application which will address all the subjects related to the learning activities proposed by the firms. It will be possible to apply for more than one subject. Once the selection is done, a list will be made and the student will be able to find the organization in which develop the specific learning activity.

How the student will be assisted during the time in the firm?
The student will be assisted in his/her track by tutors both from industry and university, that will be interacting all the time. The collaboration between tutors will allow to check the objectives gained by the student both on a learning as well as on a professional level. There will be two evaluation moments on the track: one halfway through and one at the end. It will be possible to use the final evaluation as a reference in future job interviews.

Which firms have joined LM+?

Biotecnologie Avanzate – Aziende partner 
Chimica – Aziende partner
Electronic Engineering – Aziende partner
Filosofia – Aziende partner
International Business and Entrepreneurship – Aziende partner
Scienze Fisiche – Aziende Partner 

How to keep informed about LM+?
For further information please contact the Professors of the MA courses:


Course LM+ Referent mail
Advanced Biotechnology Ornella Pastoris
Chemistry Paolo Quadrelli
Electronic Engineering Sabina Merlo
Philosophy Anna Bondioli
International Business and Entrepreneurship Stefano Denicolai
Scienze fisiche Pietro Carretta
Matematica Stefano Gualandi