Martedì 6 marzo 2018, alle ore 14.30, presso l’Aula Goldoniana del Collegio Ghislieri di Pavia (Piazza Ghislieri, 5), si terrà l’incontro “Technological innovation for digital humanities”.


Vagueness and precision of historical objects in DH
WALTHER VON HAHN, professor emeritus, Hamburg University

A machine-aided investigation of reliability of historical facts in 18th century documents
CRISTINA VERTAN, Hamburg University

CulTMedia: Deep ELarning for automatic description of images and video in DH
RITA CUCCHIARA, President of the Italian Association on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition e Machine Learning, Modena University

DH for historical musical instruments: the case of relics and violins of Cremona from 16th to 18th century
PIERCARLO DONDI, Arvedi Laboratory of Non-Invasive Diagnostics, Pavia University

Interactive, tangible and multisensory technology for DH
VIRGINIO CANTONI, Pavia University


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