Giovedì 11 ottobre 2018, alle ore 9.15, presso l’Aula Magna dell’Università di Pavia, avrà inizio l’“Organic Chemistry Day @ Pavia”.

Chair: Prof. Paolo Quadrelli (University of Pavia)

9.15 – Opening remarks

9.30 – Exploring New Ways to Unlock the Synthetic Potential of Nitroso Chemistry
Prof. Javier Read de Alaniz (University of California Santa Barbara)

10.30 – Nitroso Diels-Alder Cycloadducts Derived from 1,2-Dihydropyridines as New Platforms for Molecular Diversity
Prof. Mauro Pineschi (University of Pisa)

11.30 – Coffee Break

12.00 – In Pursuit of Selectivity, Mechanism and Utility in N=X Cycloadditions
Prof. Andrew Whiting (University of Durham)

13.15 – Lunch (Cortile delle Magnolie)

15.00 – Asymmetric Enamine Catalysis with Nitroso and Related Compounds Catalyzed by High-Performance Organocatalysts
Prof. Keiji Maruoka (University of Kyoto)

16.00 – Designer Lewis Acid Catalysts for Nitroso Diels-Alder Reaction, Nitroso Aldol Reaction, and Peptide Synthesis
Prof. Hisashi Yamamoto (University of Chicago)

17.00 – Farewell Coffee (Cortile delle Magnolie)